Thursday, 9 March 2017

Get Portable Version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera Web Browsers

Download Portable version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera web browsers. Just download, extract and run your favorite browser without installing on Windows. These are alternative of offline installers of popular browsers.
The trend of portable software, especially web browsers has been growing due to their handy features:
  • Portable software don’t need to be installed.
  • You can carry it with you anywhere in USB drives such as USB flash drive, memory card and other storage media.
  • You can test the software before installing it.
  • Don’t affect system files.
firefox chrome opera web browsers portable versions
In browsers competition, it has become quite hard to depend solely on a single web browser and ignore others. Probably you don’t like to install Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera web browser simultaneously on your computer system. But you still want to keep them with you for daily browsing needs, then portable version of these browsers can be quite suitable for you.
Portable editions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera web browsers are released regularly and available for download either on official site or from authorized websites. All you have to do is download the portable version of the web browser you like and run it. In most cases, the program files are extracted either in same folder or in temporary files folder. You can open the launcher file and browser will be opened without installing in your computer system.
You can take portable browser with you in any storage media such as USB drives or even CDs and DVDs. That’s the advantage of portability. Configure it once according to your desired settings and place it in your pocket.
The portable versions of these browsers are equipped with all features and qualities of full browser. The core benefit of this version is that it does not install any file or folder in your system drive. So, your operating system remains untouched. All files are extracted to a folder and ready to run as soon as the extraction is accomplished, that requires no more than a few seconds to complete the process.
Besides portability, your operating system (Microsoft Windows or other) is not populated with installation files and registry entries as in case of regular installable software. The disk size remains in your control. Anytime you want a full browser reset or web browser seems to not work as it should due to some virus attack or any other problem, you can simply delete the extracted folder and run the portable file of browser you downloaded from Internet.
Portable version of web browser is also an offline installer. You download it once and use many times on multiple machines. But as the name suggests, offline installers are installable files and can’t be transferred like portable browsers.
Here are the links to download portable version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera web browsers.
These links will always provide latest version of portable Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera web browsers. Have fun.

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